Lectures on an assortment of topics pertaining to aging, senior living, health and wellness are given by experts from Lutheran Home. Speaker’s Bureau presentations can be scheduled at your local senior center, church or place of business. Lutheran Home is also happy to host groups for lectures and lunch. The Speaker’s Bureau is a free resource for the community-at-large. 

Below is the current list of Speaker's Bureau topics. For more information or to schedule a presentation, please call Brian Reynolds at (847) 368-7462 or email brian.reynolds@lulife.org.

Lutheran Home:  From Past to Present
Hear the fascinating story of where we came from and what the future holds for Lutheran Home.


Medicare:  True or False
This interactive game is not only fun but educational. Learn all about your Medicare benefits and what
you’re entitled to.  


Balance and You
Learn what older adults can do to increase their balance and reduce falls. This interactive program will educate you on the importance of core strength and fall prevention.


Insurance Assurance
Medicare? Aetna? United Healthcare? Find out what your best options are for insurance.


How to Pay for Long-Term Care
We all think we will live at home forever, but that’s not always the case. Be educated on what you can do now to prepare for your future. 


I’m Going To The Hospital – Now What?
Whether you are having a planned hospital stay or have an unexpected emergency, you should know what to anticipate before, during and after your hospital stay.  


Dealing with Depression
Depression is a growing concern for older adults. What can you do to prevent the blues? Helpful hints to get you through the toughest times.


How to Be a Friend to Someone With
a Serious Illness

Sometimes fewer words say more. Learn what you can do and say to help someone through a serious illness.

Participating in Clinical Trials
You’ll come away with a better understanding of
clinical trials, how you can participate and the great results and breakthroughs that come from them. 


How to Recognize Memory Loss
Understand what is considered normal aging memory loss and when you should be concerned.


The Alphabet Soup of Acronyms
Would you like to know what your kids and grandkids are talking about when they use combinations of letters to communicate? This acronym quiz will teach you all you need to know!


Laughter Yoga
A fun way to enjoy time with your friends, exercise and laugh, laugh, laugh!


Thinking Outside the Box
Everything you need to know about preparing, paying and planning for a funeral—plus information on cremation and other options.


Guilt Busters
Do you struggle with placing a loved one in a senior living community? This presentation helps you deal with guilt and the family pressures associated with making a move.


Collecting or Hoarding?
We all collect things but when does it become
a problem? 


When to Consider Moving and How to Begin Downsizing
Learn when you should consider making a move to a senior living community and how to downsize wisely.